A New Beginning

Too many times I have found myself too scared, too embarrassed, or too self-conscious to share my background and the real me with the people in my life. I think this has left me unable to fully understand and embrace my identity. While this is something that I have been trying to grapple with for… Continue reading A New Beginning

Reflections on Junior Year of College

So I have been working on this blog post for awhile. After witnessing some of my close friends at Davidson graduate May 20th, I realize that it's my turn next year (scary thought). I'm not ready. While my previous three years of college have been difficult, - learning how to manage my time, developing good… Continue reading Reflections on Junior Year of College

My Feelings on Being Elected SGA President at Davidson College

Okay, so this is a big deal to me. I still can't believe that someone like me is now in this position, much less me. It hasn't sunk in 100% yet. Here's why... Flashback to pre-Davidson: Neither of my parents graduated from high school. Me graduating was a huge milestone all in itself. Going to… Continue reading My Feelings on Being Elected SGA President at Davidson College

Davidson College’s Humanities Study Trip to South Carolina

Apologies in advance for the lengthy post... this was a five-day, thought-provoking trip. I am a Humanities Fellow this semester. Frankly, I did not even know what the Humanities were prior to my commitment/role in the program. With a new director, the program aims to attract high school seniors seeking challenging literature and discourse. The… Continue reading Davidson College’s Humanities Study Trip to South Carolina